Instructions for Authors

If you are an author and you have interesting research to share with the world, give yourself the best chance to get published with ESJ by carefully reading and following the instructions for authors.


How to Submit to ESJ

The Editorial Manager is the web-based program where authors can upload their manuscripts for submission. Follow this link to be directed to the Editorial Manager:

This Editorial Manager Manual will walk you through the steps of submitting a paper.


ESJ Video Tutorials for Authors


The following ESJ tutorials introduce authors and reviewers to basic research skills and concepts. The topics covered in the videos will help you to conceive and produce an attractive article and will provide reviewers a guide to analyze appropriately the manuscripts.

Please click the following links in order to see the video tutorials.

Reviewer checklist

How to Choose a Good Title

Abstract, best for last

I have submitted my paper, now what? Editorial Process

Instruction for Authors - Grand Rounds

Colorblind friendly graphics and presentations

Conflict of Interest

ESJ Awards

Manuscript Slides

Instruction for Authors - References

Instruction for Authors - Case Reports

Instruction for Authors - Manuscript Format